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Experience a revolutionary approach to travel with Lopal. Our platform seamlessly connects inquisitive travelers with seasoned local experts, offering bespoke travel insights and unwavering support throughout your journey. With our mobile-friendly interface and virtual assistance, getting help on the go has never been easier. Whether you're seeking hidden treasures or eager to share your city's unique charm, Lopal ensures each travel experience is memorable and extraordinary.

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Embark on Unique, Tailor-Made Journeys

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  • A Thriving Community of Travelers

    Become part of a vibrant community that cherishes unique and authentic travel experiences.

  • Discover Hidden Gems

    Gain exclusive insights from local experts and explore locations off the beaten path, all while supporting sustainable travel and local economies.

  • Navigate Foreign Lands with Ease

    Overcome language barriers with live, personalized support and advice, ensuring your travels are smooth and enjoyable in any destination.

  • Receive Personalized Travel Recommendations

    From the finest dining establishments to must-see attractions, our local experts offer curated suggestions tailored to your preferences, along with interactive itinerary planning.

  • Access Real-Time Support and Local Insights

    Stay connected with local contacts for emergency assistance, seasonal events, cultural highlights, and essential travel advice.

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For Local Experts

Share Your City’s Secrets and Connect with Travelers Seeking Authentic Experiences

  • Earn by Sharing Your Expertise

    Turn your passion for your city into a source of income by helping travelers explore and appreciate your locale.

  • Showcase and Celebrate Your City

    Highlight the unique aspects of your area and collaborate with local businesses to offer exclusive deals, promoting your favorite spots to a global audience.

  • Provide Tailored Travel Recommendations and Support

    Assist travelers with customized itineraries and expert advice, facilitating reservations for dining and activities to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

  • Enhance Your Professional Profile

    Build your reputation as a trusted local expert, expand your professional network, and leverage Lopal's exclusive resources and tools to grow your business.

  • Offer Personalized and Comprehensive Support

    Ensure travelers have an unforgettable experience with your guidance, from real-time support to arranging exclusive local experiences.

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Meet Our Team

Get to know the dedicated professionals behind Lopal, committed to making your travel experiences exceptional.



Brian is a seasoned software developer with extensive industry experience in mobile and web application development. As a digital nomad for the past few years, Brian understands the challenges of traveling without local language and cultural knowledge. His unique perspective ensures our platform delivers the most authentic and enriching experiences for travelers.



Take is an accomplished software developer with a proven track record of creating exceptional app experiences. Having grown up in Hiroshima, lived in London for a year, and currently living in Toronto, Take brings a global perspective to our platform. With extensive travel experiences worldwide, Take ensures our product caters to the diverse needs of both local experts and travelers.